“The Future of  Heavy Metal” according to Kerrang! magazine.

Formed in 1983 by Dunken F Mullett and Rich Jones, the band’s early influences included the books of Michael Moorcock, very apparent in early material and theatrical live shows (at a book signing Moorcock  officially gave Dunken and Rich permission to use the name “Mournblade”, a sword from one of his most famous books).  At one stage the live show featured 14 costume changes as well as many props, notably a 7 foot wooden sword, a 4 foot high doll (“Victoria”), a decaying WWI soldiers mask, a devil (including a cape with a 10 foot wingspan) and of course the legendary Titanium hero space helmet, complete with LEDs and lasers!

The band gigged tirelessly around the UK promoting their first official release “Times Running Out” performing over 400 gigs and playing with everyone from Motorhead to Doctor and The Medics, Zodiac Mindwarp, Hazel O Connor  and The Enid.  Mournblade were great supporters of the free festival circuit playing at the infamous Stonehenge festival amongst many others.

By the late 1980’s the band decided to leave behind the theatrics and make-up and the music and stage show became much more raw, stripped down – pure, NWOBHM, unadulterated British Rock n Roll, but still retaining the unique tongue-in-cheek Mournblade energy and uncompromising attitude.

Now a 4 piece, the keyboards largely replaced by Paul “Blacken” White’s immense 8-string bass sound the band went on to achieve official cult status with their second album release “Live Fast Die Young” and toured non-stop until the band split late in 1989.

Motivated by fan requests, the band reformed in 2012. With only 3 days rehearsal after a 25 year break, the band stepped up to play The Heavy Metal Maniacs festival in Holland, a show now firmly ensconced in Mournblade Legend as one of the great shows ever.

Watch “Mournblade, The Resurrection” documentary to see this amazing story unfold and see highlights from the incredible reunion show. Check out the video archive, listen to the music and of course don’t forget show your support for the boys in the “Buy Stuff” section!

UPDATE:  In 2015 members of the “Mk1″ line-up of the band (Mullett/Jones/Jasnoch/Ward/Goddard/Baxter) are releasing a completely re-recorded version of the debut LP “Time’s Running Out” plus 3 previously unreleased tracks that were played regularly during the live set in that era.  There are also noises being made about a possible release from the “Mk2″ line-up and some live gigs in Europe – WATCH THIS SPACE!