Even though there have only ever been five “official” releases by the band, there are always live recordings and bootlegs doing the rounds, often popping up on ebay for silly money!  In an attempt to catalogue some of these here is the beginning of what will hopefully be a fairly comprehensive list of Mournblade recordings, starting way back in late 1982.

THE EALING TAPES (Sept 1982?) Literally recorded in a bedroom with one microphone hanging from the lampshade.  Primitive quality but the first ever recording of the band.  “Blade obsessed fans only, rare as rocking horse wotsits.

ANTHEM OF CHAOS (Jan 1983?) Again, for real hardcore fans only, four tracks recorded fairly well, but very rare.

ART SCHOOL BENEFIT TAPES (March 1983) Live recording from a benefit show at Ealing College. Again rare and primitively recorded.

SERVANTS OF FATE (Feb 1984) 6 tracks, a printed cover and overall decent production, the first “proper” demo from the band, and the roots of what was to become the classic “MK1 sound”. hard to find but occasionally pop up on fan sites.

STONEHENGE 1984 Bits and pieces from the last great free festival on Salisbury plains. This one often crops up on bootleg swap sites, lots of jams with other bands and some unusual cover versions.

LIVE-AID GT YARMOUTH 45 mins of decent quality recordings including some notable crowd singalongs!

times running out vinyl mournbladeTIMES RUNNING OUT MOURNBLADE TAPE

TIME’S RUNNING OUT (1985 Vinyl, Flicknife records SHARP 030) The debut LP (technically a mini-LP). Recorded in London on 1 inch tape and a huge advance in production vales for the bad, a real step away from their “garage” roots.  You can still get copies of this if you hunt around.  Also a few copies came out on cassette with a couple of bonus tracks.

EIN HELDENTRAUM (A HEROE’S DREAM) The EP that never was. Due to “contract hassles” this never made it as far as vinyl, but plenty of these were produced on cassette and the songs often pop up on fan sites.

MOURNBLADE titanium tapesTHE TITANIUM TAPES 45 minutes of live mayhem plus a few sneaky edits, decent production and one of the better live bootlegs around.

LIVE AT THE WELLINGTON (1986) 12 Tracks recorded live. DIRTY BLACK LEATHER, WET WHITE LACE (1986) MTV footage of three tracks recorded at the sickle cell anaemia charity gig at Genetic Studios in Reading.  Superb production and a definite must have – see “FILM” to watch the clips.

LIVE AT THE HAMMERSMITH ODEON (Supporting the Enid October 1987) The first gig with the “MK 2″ line-up and notable for featuring a few songs that never made it to vinyl and rarely appear on bootlegs, such as “Crown of Thorns”.

The Metal Collection Compilation featuring ‘Battlezone’

Shooting from the Hip (GILP 999) Compilation album features a couple of Mournblade tracks.

Mournblade Live fast die youngLIVE FAST, DIE YOUNG (1988, Vinyl, CD  GILP 333 GI Records)  The album that defined the  more raw, direct rock n roll “MK2 Sound”.

Mournblade Anthology

ANTHOLOGY VOL 1  (Angel Air SJPCD325) Featuring rare demos, live tracks (London’s Royal Standard E17, 1986) and material from ‘Ein Heldentraum’

Live & LoudLIVE & LOUD – STUDIO OUT TAKES (2012) Recorded during the rehearsals for the 2012 reunion show in Holland.  Recorded and produced by guitarist Stephen Loveday this is a great warts ‘n all session with some funny ad libs of mic and between tracks.  Includes great cover versions of “Neat Neat Neat” by The Damned, “Bomber” by Motorhead and even a sneaky blast through “Summertime Blues”!

Mournblade live in HollandLIVE AT THE HEAVY METAL MANIACS FESTIVAL HOLLAND 2012  The entire show. EPIC!

Mournblade Resurrection DVDMOURNBLADE “THE RESURRECTION” DOCUMENTARY (2013) Produced & Directed by Henrieta Tornyai this beautifully made documentary gives a real insight into the process of reforming a band after 25 years, and doing a show after just 3 days rehearsal.  Everyone should watch this, not only is it very entertaining but the interviews with the band and the behind the scenes segments are fantastic!

‘Time’s Running Out - 2015’Time’s Running Out – 2015
is a completely new offering, with recording having taken place over the last 18 months. The original tracklist has been augmented by three extra tracks, making this a full-length album available on vinyl only. All production has been carried out by Jeff Ward of Bluestone Recordings – no easy task, with original band members now located in New Zealand, New Mexico, Ireland, Bracknell and Kettering. For info and to buy direct from the band (!) Bluestone Recordings – Mournblade Time’s Running Out 2015